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Railway Embedded Rail Shoulder

Aug 14, 2018

Overview of railway embedded rail shoulder

Embedded rail shoulders are components that are pre-installed in concealed works. They are structural parts that are placed during the pouring of the structure and used to bond the superstructure. To facilitate the installation and fixation of external engineering equipment. Railway embedded rail shoulders are metal components prearranged before concrete casting, which are used to connect ground fastening devices such as bolts or elastic bars. At present, the embedded rail shoulders are widely used in many fields, among which the embedded rail shoulders are mostly made of metal, such as steel bar or cast iron, wood, plastic and other non-metallic rigid materials are also available.

Classification of railway embedded rail shoulder

The embedded rail shoulders of reinforced concrete structure should be classified into variable size embedded rail shoulders and functional embedded rail shoulders according to their functions and functions. According to its material is divided into: steel embedded rail shoulders and other materials embedded rail shoulders; According to its action time is divided into: permanent embedded rail shoulders and temporary embedded rail shoulders. Materials qt500-7, qt450-10, etc. Can produce according to sample or drawing.

The function of railway embedded rail shoulders

1. The reinforced concrete project is constructed by reinforcing bars, concrete and structural parts according to a certain size and a certain process. Its certain structure size, certain use function and certain stress characteristics determine the necessity of placing reinforced concrete preembedded rail shoulders.

2. It is inevitable for reinforced concrete structures to cast concrete in sections and in sections when the size of sections or structures is large. At this point, in order to guarantee the mechanical performance of the structure, it is necessary to have pre-embedded components to connect the two pouring. For example, the reinforcement of the anchor into the bearing platform should be embedded in the pile foundation construction, the reinforcement of the pier column should be embedded in the pile foundation construction, and the beam and stone reinforcement should be embedded in the pier column construction.

3. Reinforced concrete structures all have certain functions, either as a stressed structure or as a carrier structure. When the structure bears relatively concentrated load, the steel plate should be embedded to distribute the load and reduce the stress, such as the tensile steel plate embedded at the end of the prestressed beam body. The embedded settlement observation mark, the grounding terminal, the bridge channel on the cable, the supporting part of the basket, and the embedded rail shoulder of the inspection ladder on the pier column are all embedded rail shoulder that regard the pier column as a carrier to realize some functions. Such embedded rail shoulders can not change the stress characteristics of the pier itself, but only check the stress calculation of the embedded rail shoulders themselves.

4. Reinforced concrete structure, the scale is caused by the temperature variation of the steel and concrete, this case more embedded rail shoulders for steel reinforced concrete, and embedded rail shoulders in special materials, such as some prestressed girder of corrugated pipe is made of synthetic materials, the structure of the large volume of embedded to wear a brace or measuring the internal temperature of PVC pipe.

5. The action time of embedded rail shoulders in reinforced concrete structures is long or short. Most of the common embedded rail shoulders participate in the structural stress and realize the function of use. The embedded rail shoulders on the main pier pier body during the construction of continuous beam no. 0 block; In the construction of cushion beam stone, embedded rail shoulders for retaining the anchor bolt hole of support shall be treated accordingly after completion of such embedded rail shoulders, or cut or pulled out, which is temporary.

Attention to the installation of railway embedded rail shoulders

As a reinforced concrete structure, the embedded rail shoulders have two control points: the embedded rail shoulders are required to be accurately positioned, and the combination of the embedded rail shoulders with concrete and steel bars is required by the reinforced concrete structure. These two points are the necessary conditions for the normal use of embedded rail shoulders.To achieve the exact position of the embedded rail shoulders, the embedded rail shoulders should be placed accurately first, and then the embedded rail shoulders should be strengthened firmly. In the construction, pay special attention to the setting of embedded rail shoulders, the clean protection of embedded rail shoulders, and the positioning of embedded rail shoulders should be firm to ensure their functions.