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Railway Installation And Maintenance Including Railway Operation And Other Conditions.

May 07, 2018

Rail installation and maintenance depends on many factors: railway operating conditions, including volume, axle load, speed, track structure type selection and the proportion of each line, the use of steel components, life, transportation condition and repair and regeneration, track maintenance of operation system, organization and the level of mechanization, and the climate and environmental conditions.

Rail installation and maintenance includes replacement of the prototype equipment and the replacement of heavy equipment. The latter, such as heavy rail, reinforced concrete sleeper, new turnout, and increase of sleeper configuration, add pavement mattress layer. The new track components can be centrally used on the mainline, and replacement crawler parts are retrofitted to secondary lines and used to replace obsolete parts of other types of production lines. Orbital renewal can be included in section construction, or it can be divided into construction section.

Rail installation and maintenance swap track, sleeper, local auxiliary road bed, often combined with orbital renovation.

Rail installation and maintenance is carried out between two orbital renewal cycles, which can be combined with periodic comprehensive maintenance, sporadic emergency repair and inspection and maintenance.Rail installation and maintenance to replace the new rail and rail as the basic content, fixed transect lines at the same time, improve the sleeper, road, rail, roadbed and crossing the state, make track back to the initial quality standard or to a higher standard.There is also a single overhaul, including access to a new rail or rail section, replacing the sleeper, laying a seamless track, replacing a switch and a fork pillow, and dealing with roadbed diseases.