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Railway Investment Has Returned To Its Peak

Jan 08, 2018

Railway investment will remain at 800 billion over the next three years

In 2017, China railway always continue to intensify the building of railway construction, especially in the Midwest railway, ensure the annual investment in fixed assets of 800 billion yuan of above, the new production line more than 2100 kilometers, complete the mission objectives.

And that figure is still down slightly from 2016.

According to the data, in 2015, 823.8 billion yuan was completed in the national railway fixed asset investment, an excess of 23.8 billion yuan. The new line of railway was put into operation 9531 km, exceeding 1531 km, which was the best in history.

In 2016, the total fixed asset investment of China railway was 801.5 billion yuan, down 2.7 percent from 823.8 billion yuan. In 2016, the railway infrastructure investment is 709.5 billion yuan, and in previous years and there is not much difference, but rolling stock investment from 140 billion yuan in 2015, sharply reduced to 92 billion yuan, is the main reason for the investment in fixed assets shrink in 2016.

Because of railway project construction from the early stage of the circuit design, civil engineering, trains and equipment procurement and formal operation generally need to 5 or more years of time, so in 2011 began to decline in investment in 2016-2017 new line put into operation has fallen dramatically. This factor also continues to contain the total railway investment in China railway.

According to the national development and reform commission (NDRC), China railway network plans >>, which will reach 150,000 kilometers in 2020, including 30,000 km of high-speed railway, covering more than 80 percent of the major cities. That is to say, in 2018 -- 2020, the construction of China's railway operating mileage will be set at 23,000 kilometers (50, 000 high-speed rail). Rail fixed-asset investment is expected to remain high, with industry figures predicting that investment will remain at $800 billion a year over the next three years.

The completion of the line density has led to the demand for railway equipment

According to the brokerage, 2018 will be the year of connecting railway equipment. Reason is that after a few years ago low, the production of the new line is expected in the next three years to accelerate the release of the new mileage reply growth, from 2018 began to rebound, and gradually rose to a year in 2019-2019 8000-9000 km of new line put into operation. This will be good for the equipment supplier of the post-cycle.

In November 2017, the general tendering of China railway presented a positive indicator of railway equipment demand. Data released in November 2017, bid procurement: purchasing 75 standard of 350 km/h, and related systems, including 146 sets of locomotive integrated wireless communication equipment CIR and CTCS level 3 train control system in the on-board equipment. In addition, China railway also announced the procurement of 44 locomotives and signal systems at a total of 44 MPH. Brokerage researchers expect the number of vehicles to rise from 350 in 2017 to 400 in 2018.

In another area, the acceleration of urban rail transit construction will also create huge demand for railway vehicles.

By the end of 2016, the country had approved about 7,305.3 kilometers of urban rail transit construction planning in 58 cities, with a total investment of 5,636.5 kilometers and a total investment of 3.5 trillion yuan. According to the plan, China's urban rail transit will reach 6,000 kilometers in the end of the 13th five-year plan period. During the 13th five-year plan period, urban rail transit projects are expected to peak.Meanwhile, the PPP boosted urban rail transit construction into the high-speed development period.Second, the subway approval threshold is expected to fall from 3 million to 1.5 million, and the number of cities will increase from 30 to 90.

Intensive construction projects, corresponding to the matching operation vehicle input.

According to the theme library of the selected stock treasure theme library (xuangubao. Cn), the track of the track is displayed.

China car: the company is the world's largest rail transit equipment supplier; Main railway rolling stock, the emu, urban rail transit vehicles and other products, through the "region", the international cooperation capacity, such as strategic opportunities, promoting overseas business layout and the allocation of resources as a whole; In the first half of the year, the revenue of rail delivery equipment was 88717 million.

Jinyijin industry: domestic fastener industry leading enterprises, products include railway fasteners and various fasteners; The company is the only company in the country that can produce all parts of the high-speed railway fastener system, which covers the ordinary railway, urban rail transit and high-speed railway. In the first half of the year, the revenue was 1.295 billion and the fasteners accounted for over 90%.