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Safety Inspection Of Cranes

Mar 06, 2017

Wind impact. Cranes are likely to operate in the open air, the overall sun and rain, coupled with the role of the wind makes the crane in which the process by a certain degree of wind resistance. Once the wind is too large, the crane side of the operation side but also to resist the role of wind, bear the load will increase, beyond the mechanical bearing capacity, and then there will be a strong mechanical moment of shaking, once the overload of the mechanical body is likely There are cracks and cracks.

There may be cracks in the manufacture of the time because of lack of forward-looking design, did not take into account the mechanical durability is also need to prevent. The reinforcement of the crane can reduce the damage to the main girder of the bridge crane.

The improper installation of overhead cranes can also cause long periods of corrosion and damage. So when the installation of the time and usually check the time should also be taken seriously, the maintenance of mechanical care can not be missing. Because the long use of bridge cranes, will be subject to varying degrees of corrosion, if coupled with a certain impact force, cracks will appear. So when the inspection should pay attention to add lubricants, reduce friction, delay the life of the crane.