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Standardization To Help One Belt And One Road Facility Unicom Has Achieved Remarkable Results

Aug 31, 2017

Released the "2016-2016 China's foreign contracted projects development report shows that China's foreign contracted projects complete turnover of 2016 in $159.4 billion, up 3.5% from a year earlier, new signing contracts can be $244 billion, up 16.2% from a year earlier.Among them, the total turnover of "One Belt And One Road" in the national market was $76 billion, accounting for nearly 50%, up 9.7% year on year, and nearly double the average value.Transportation, power and construction areas have become the areas of growth advantage.China foreign contracting engineering company has become a domestic enterprises "going out" and drive all the way "area" the pioneer of the initiative and the main force, foreign policy in the implementation of the national economy, promoting the equipment export and Chinese standards of "going out", to promote domestic advantage plays an important role in production.

According to a report in the implementation and rapid development of traffic, electric power and building three business area, the transportation infrastructure of railway engineering, the fastest growth in transportation infrastructure construction as the breakthrough point, and high-speed rail, China and Thailand, Laos rail, horse high iron and Malaysia, and other southern railway a batch of high iron and cooperation of railway construction project phased achievements.Railway engineering construction, especially the construction of high-speed railway, is becoming a new "China card" in the construction of "One Belt And One Road".On May 31, the monet railway linking East Africa's first port of Mombasa and Nairobi, Kenya's capital, was formally completed and opened to traffic.The first drive the railway technical standard of "going out" of large-scale railway projects, the railway in the cast is a complete standard adopted by China technology, China, Chinese equipment, operation management, China international trunk railway lines, the ground is full of China railway construction industry landmark project, embodies China's foreign contracted projects from the past simple contract construction of "going out", to leverage technology, standards, and equipped with a major change in "going out".

"Going out" to "promote standard, to promote investment and trade facilitation, deepen international cooperation, promote standard internationalization level, support connectivity construction" as the goal, quality supervision, inspection and quarantine, the national standard committee to implement the action plan for standard unicom "area" (2015-2017) "(hereinafter referred to as the" action plan "), and comprehensively deepen our country along with the country (region) double multilateral cooperation on standardization and connectivity, to support our country industry, products, technology, engineering, service, etc. "go out".According to the related deployment "action plan", the national standard committee organization railway sector to carry out the research of high speed railway standard system, the pan-european high-speed rail system interconnection and interoperability technology standard research, such as research, proposed high-speed railway standard system revision work focus, and with France jointly formulated three railway international standards, effective cooperation in China and all the way "area" of major overseas engineering construction to push.

Held in June 8th international investment in infrastructure and construction during the period of peak BBS, enterprises in our country and related countries signed the Ghana tema, fatigue, 160 kilometers of road project, Jamaica montego bay city project, Angola card bly du tourism park comprehensive projects more business contract, framework agreement and memorandum of understanding, involves the total amount of us $12.87 billion, compared with last year's 213% growth.As infrastructure for further play to the standard of quality assurance, the connectivity of the basic norms of the basis of production cooperation support the general language system strategic role of international trade, general administration of quality supervision, inspection and the national standard committee will continue to further implement the "action plan", accelerate the along with the standardization of national cooperation, constantly enhance the level of standard mutual recognition and lead and promote the deepening of countries along the all-round cooperation, to provide "area" construction "standardized" service more efficient.