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The Development Of Anchor Bolts Is Promising

Sep 25, 2017

Anchor bolt is a kind of railway accessories, railway accessories is part of the railway line, here referring to orbit, including rail, sleeper, connecting parts, ballast bed, climbing equipment, rail brace and switch, etc. As a whole engineering structure, the track is laid on the roadbed, and it plays a guiding role in the operation of the train, which directly bears the great pressure of the locomotive vehicle and its load. Under the dynamic function of the train operation, the component part of it must have sufficient strength and stability, and ensure the train in accordance with the relevant provisions of the highest speed, safe, smooth and continuous operation.

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Macro institute comprehensive transportation research institute, deputy director of the national development and reform commission (NDRC) Wang Ming said the national policy of expanding domestic demand series for the development of rail transportation and construction bring huge opportunities and anchor bolt investment in China over the next five years will be around 700 billion yuan a year. The country's huge investment in high-speed rail has made rail fasteners useful, but not all businesses can take advantage. Therefore, the investment of high-speed rail is more favorable to China's hardware fastener enterprises.

Fasteners are known as "industrial rice" and are the most widely used and most widely used machinery parts in the national economy. We have already had the opportunity to catch high-speed rail in China's firmware giant jinyim industry. We have made a huge leap in order to make a huge number of high-speed railway orders.

Export order, the key performance for exports growth too fast, too concentrated time and export countries, such as low price, high value-added production and caused some unnecessary friction, is not conducive to sustained and healthy development of the fastener products export trade. Thus, China becomes a major exporter of fastener products, which is an inevitable result of world industrial adjustment and division of labor in the context of global integration.  It is an irreversible long-term trend.In the past two years, there have been some problems in fastener export.

China's fasteners saw negative growth in exports in 2016 after double-digit growth, down 1.5 per cent year on year.In jiaxing city, zhejiang province, for example, jiaxing's fasteners exported us $0.45 billion in the first quarter of this year, down 22.94% from the same period last year, according to the jiaxing fasteners import and export association. Exports to the eu were us $0.38 billion, down 11.82 per cent year on year.

The reason is that the product structure of China fastener industry is unreasonable, low level, low added value, and difficult to improve the price.In addition, international market demand is insufficient, especially after China fasteners are subjected to continuous anti-dumping sanctions, the export volume is declining.

Since our demand for anchor bolts has been increasing, our demand for it has also made it very popular in the market. At present, due to the market demand, and constantly improve the technological level of requirements, it combined with the production cost of raw materials rose higher, therefore, in today's market, the price of the anchor bolt is a process of rising. Has been committed to producing steel brace, anchor bolt, screw bolts, bolts and other products used in construction, in recent years, with everyone's understanding for the anchor bolt, and many in the field of industrial demand, at present, the anchor bolt is to have a good prospect in the market, its price is also such a statement is verified.In the future, the price trend of anchor bolts in the market is bound to be a promising prospect because of the demand for it.