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The Device Structure Of The Rail Clip

Oct 26, 2017

High-speed railway can not only improve the traffic environment, facilitate people's travel, but also promote urban and rural construction and economic development, with significant economic and social benefits. At the same time, the rail transit system inevitably causes the effects of noise, vibration, electromagnetic radiation and landscape, especially the noise and vibration of the train. Excessive noise and vibration will seriously affect the passengers and the track people's normal life, on the other hand, noise and vibration of equipment and structures and surrounding buildings will cause fatigue damage, shorten life.


The structure must be simple and can effectively reduce the noise and reliability of the train. Scheme of the utility model adopts technology is adopted bolt type plate unit of fast track, the track use crawler board on both sides, make the rail clips at the bottom of cement and cement based set in the integrated bolt and compression, in upper part of the cement mortar and steel crawler adhesive between rail and steel plate, tighten bolts steel plate and integration. The clamping bolt is connected with the bolt clamp, track plate and rubber head. The license plate has a pressure nose, a positioning cone and an arc groove, and a ring cone is arranged on the edge of the arc slot. The bolted plate has the positioning taper hole and bolt hole, and the lower edge of the bolt hole is inclined.

The tilt Angle of the rail clamp is matched with the tilt Angle of the bolt type plate. Rail clips and plate exposure, through high strength rubber have the effect of damping and uniform load, and the rail between the clamp and bolt type plate positioning mechanism, adjusting mechanism for the slope and bolt fastening device and so on as the uplink in the field of vibration and noise can absorb a certain amount of preloading clues, it improves the service life of the fixed system and safety coefficient, has great economic benefits.