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The Difference Of Railway Fastener Between Small Resistance And Constant Resistance Of High-speed Rail

Mar 15, 2018

Rail fastener solved the expansion of rail contraction generally adopt the method of fastener tighten, namely button promptly by spring instead of (also referred to as clip), clasp on-orbit rail pillow, forced heat expansion energy of digestion, but also have a question, is the energy of the thermal expansion and contraction is greater than the sleeper adhesion between unit of distance, make rail rail phenomenon, unit of distance from the sleeper track distortion. To solve this problem, the railway sector in a certain distance, punching rail waist energy release of the expansion and contraction, and in a certain distance (about 1500 m) reserved rail joint, to assist in releasing heat and thermal energy can solve the problem of the expansion of the rail.

First of all, the railway fasteners are not homemade, they are imported, which guarantees the maximum quality of rail.

Second, the new railway fasteners are adopted, and the steel rail is more firmly fixed on the road surface, while the high-speed railway is basically equipped with ballastless technology, which is more compact than the ordinary railway.

Third, in the construction of the track, as far as possible to select the season or time period to the railway expansion and contraction of the smallest impact, so laid up, the problem will be a very small part. Now the Beijing and tianjin high-speed railway is a long, seamless railway, only in the station yard have juncture, to two units as observation unit orbit, orbit observation pile embedded in the respective shoulder, abnormal unit guide when crawling quantity (i.e., internal stress anomaly), fetching periodically to measure,

In order to eliminate the stress anomalies caused by rail thermal expansion and shrinkage, it is necessary to carry out decompression construction. Finally, there is a telescopic regulator on the long-span steel girder bridge to adjust the expansion of the rail.

The new railway fastener shall have the following characteristics:

1) It has enough strength and durability.

2) There are certain gauge and horizontal adjustment performance.

4) There is a good elasticity of vibration reduction.

5) There is a certain universal interchangeability.