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The First China Urban Rail Transportation Science And Technology Innovation And Entrepreneurship Competition Closed

Dec 18, 2017

The first China urban rail transportation science and technology innovation and entrepreneurship competition was recently closed in Beijing, and 18 projects finally won the first and second prizes in the country's 260 entries. City sasac deputy director Yang xiuing attended the closing ceremony.

Competition, by Beijing urban construction design and development group of Beijing urban construction group, Beijing jiaotong university, tsinghua university, tongji university and southwest jiaotong university, in order to "innovation of rail transit, open city of dreams" as the theme.The contest is urban rail transportation technology, the combination of talents, industries and capital organic national event, geared to the needs of teachers and students in colleges and universities, entrepreneurs, enterprise, attracted a cornerstone of Beijing venture investment management center, tianjin tianjin cable co., LTD and datang mobile communications equipment company, rail transit investment, equipment manufacturing, the whole industry chain enterprises to participate in communication signals. The competition is divided into three stages: preliminary screening, rematch and final, and four division zones are established in the north, east China, south China and the west. 28 cities across the country, 102 units of 260 projects through the preliminaries and semi-finals, 36 projects into the final, are forward-looking rail transportation industry, the feasibility and practicability of subject, content involves large data, cloud computing, AI technology, such as the most advanced technology solutions.

Yang xiuing points out that the municipal state-owned assets supervision and administration attaches great importance to the innovation, the full implementation of the party central committee and the Beijing municipal party committee municipal government all policy decisions on innovation and development, actively create a favorable policy environment, to encourage and guide the government-owned companies promote with science and technology innovation as the core of the comprehensive innovation, developing high-tech industry, efforts to strengthen the city state-owned enterprises in Beijing and the national science and technology innovation center in the responsibility and bear. The competition focus of urban rail transit field, promote innovation and industrial development of rail transit, is to carry out the national innovation drive industry development, realizes the important action of the linkage development of production, study, entrepreneurship has innovation is to promote the capital public vivid practice.

Beijing urban construction design and development group co., LTD., vice general manager wei said, this contest aims to find the rail transit and technical personnel and advanced project, through 3 months of competition, promote the continuous innovation of science and technology, rail transit industry for the development of the industry technical reserves."Through in-depth study publicity and implement the party's 19 big spirit, we track traffic of people think, we need to promote technology innovation, collection institutions, enterprises, scientific research institutions, financial institutions and other rail transit the wisdom of the whole industry chain, persistence in technical innovation, contribute to build 'traffic power.""Yu songwei said.