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The Influence Of Rail Spike In Season And Environment

May 15, 2017

The spike is an indispensable railway accessory in railway studs, and the use of rail spike products is related to the weather, the season and other factors.The use of railings of railway tracks should be taken into account of various railway rail lines to determine the relevant installation maintenance tools and related properties of rail spike.Common rail spike properties include: railroad spike mode of production is a mechanical manufacturing or hand-made and the material is q235 or 45 steel, railway is spike model and the actual rail is used and the types of the need to use a section (railroad spike types include: the common spike, screw spike, screw spike, etc.), and a railroad spike type cap is ordinary nail body round hat or cap and whether there is a thread and so on.In addition to these issues, we need to focus on the impact of seasons and environmental changes on rail spikes.

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Railway studs are similar to metal accessories in railway accessories.The tools used to install the rails in the maintenance process are crowbars, and there are also places where they are called pegs or spikes.Will change to use this tool to maintain the spike is the cause of railroad spike in the use of general metal will also appear in the process of corrosion, wear, rupture, deformation, and so on and so forth.Most of these problems stem from seasonal changes and environmental impacts.

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The test of the rail spike in seasonal change is mainly the change of air humidity and temperature.These two conditions appear in the changing seasons or in areas where the temperature difference is greater.As a metal stud product, they are as easily corroded as normal metal, which is difficult to handle with anti-corrosion coatings.So a common railway spike will rust in the rainy season.The temperature change is more likely to lead to the strength of the rail spike.It is commonly used in high-altitude areas to prevent frostbite products.This kind of nail product is different from the common spike from various angles.

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The environmental impact of the environmental impact of different, common season than that in the cause of installation and maintenance of the rail spike is predictable, preventable.For example, it is possible to apply a protective layer to the railings on a regular basis, or to use a relatively high intensity rail spike in the use of rail spikes.And the use of the rail spike requires a variety of difficulties beyond the consideration of these problems.Strong convective weather, the thunderstorm weather, high temperature and high pressure environment and other conditions can lead to more railroad spike itself quality, shape, strength, durability and other aspects of performance decline.

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Above all, it is necessary to pay special attention to the effect of railway spike installation using the changing of the road season.In the meantime, special personnel are needed to patrol the areas where the environment is changing.Prevent problems in the use of railroad tracks.This will ensure the railway's role in railway transportation.