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The Main Role Of The Rail Rubber Pad Is Through High-speed Vibration And Impact

Oct 10, 2018

Between track and concrete sleeper rail rubber plate using the orbits of the rubber pad, its main function is through the vibration and impact, the protection of ground and sleeper, as well as the signal system of electric insulation to cushion vehicle. At the same time, in addition to bolster rubber pads exposed to air, natural aging and cold tolerance, also requires excellent heat resistance. Automotive rubber pad, rubber insulation pad and sleeper rubber pad of two rubber products, according to different USES. According to different shapes and widths, insulation pads are divided into width and common. The truck's rubber pads were split into plastic pads for city subways, as well as the usual rubber pads and forked rubber pads, which had the appearance of a medium-hard rubber pad with grooves and columns. Forked pillows are mainly used for railway sleeper, curved slope type rubber pad, oil resistant rubber pad and station turnout.

The track rubber pad has excellent attenuation and low noise resistance. Special rubber cushion, extrusion prevention, no deformation, slow aging time. The composition of the rail cushion rubber composite material as its composition, 100 parts of the base material, a starter 2 to 10, anti-aging agent in the first part, zinc oxide powder, curing agent 0.2 to 1.5 pieces, 30 to 60 parts of carbon black, 30 to 60 parts of inorganic filler, 4 needles zinc oxide whisker 0.5 to 10, and coupling agent 0.2 to 5, the base rubber material is made of natural rubber, SBR and Br. The produced material is composed of 50 ~ 70 mn/m, tensile strength increased by 10 to 30%, aging strength decreased by 15 to 40%, wear resistance increased by 15 to 50%, vibration damping coefficient is 20 to 50%. The noise effect decreased by 5, by 20%. Mainly used for high speed railway, drag reduction speed railway, the common rail guide rail, as its composition, substrate rubber, accelerator, anti-aging agent, curing agent, carbon black, inorganic filler, coupling agent and 4 needle zinc oxide whisker, the characteristics of the component is that it contains producs, is proportional to the weight of weight, 100 parts matrix, accelerator, anti-aging agent in the first part, nano zinc oxide powder 2 to 10 parts, vulcanizing agent of 0.2 to 1.5, 30 to 60 parts of black carbon, inorganic filler 30 to 60, 4 needle zinc oxide whisker 0.5 to 10, 0.2 and coupling agent.

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