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The Rail Clip Directly Affects The Rail Quality

Oct 18, 2017

The casting of the carbon steel

The cast steel is made of charcoal as the main alloy element with a small amount of other elements. Carbon content of less than 0.2 percent is cast low-carbon steel, carbon 0.2 ~ 0.5 percent is casting carbon steel, more than 0.5% of which is high carbon steel. With the increase of carbon content, the strength of cast carbon steel increases and the hardness increases. Cast steel with high strength, good plasticity and toughness, the characteristics of low cost, used in heavy machinery parts, mill tripod, big load, such as hydraulic base used in railway vehicle manufacturing large and carrier effect components, such as intensity, side frame, wheels and coupler, etc.

Alloy steel casting

Cast steel with manganese, chromium, copper and other alloy elements. The total amount of the alloy element is generally less than 5%, which can have higher impact hardness and better mechanical properties through heat treatment. The performance of casting alloy steel is better than carbon steel, which can reduce the quality of parts and improve life.

Cast special steel

In order to meet the special needs of alloy steel cast steel, a wide range, which usually contains one or more high alloy elements to achieve special performance. Containing 11% ~ 14% of manganese, for example, can impact wear, high manganese steel is mainly used in mechanical mining, engineering, machine parts, durable, chromium or nickel chromium as the main elements of alloy, with a wide range of stainless steel, corrosion or high temperature above 650 ℃ condition of artifacts, such as chemical, pump, valve shell, such as containers or large capacity power plant steam turbine casing.

The civil engineer is the crane rail installation engineering field between mechanical and civil engineering.Orbital installations are usually installed as factory construction pages, and cranes are installed when the crane is installed, which is often inconsistent. Installation of rail beam and crane rail installation in construction is usually completed by 2 major (such as civil and mechanical installation), and the two majors are incoherent. Therefore, the quality of crane rail installation is very difficult to get a definite guarantee. The quality of crane rail affects the installation of crane directly. Only if the quality of the source is mastered can the quality of the crane rail installation be guaranteed.