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The Rail Is Curved The Doorways Are More

Sep 08, 2017


From engineering to the traction power supply of the line, from the train operation control system to the high-speed train, the Chinese with enterprising attitude, out of the road of the innovation and development, a complete set of high-speed rail technology to build their own system and technical standard, in the human history of rail transit on imprint clear and deep Chinese mark.


Building high-speed rail in gansu is not a simple matter. In eastern gansu, the typical loess landform is like building a building in the sand. This geological condition is a great taboo for high-speed railway construction. This is because the speed of the train can reach 250 km/h or more than 300 km/h, and the line must be highly smooth and stable in the first place.

Speed of Subgrade


For subgrade settlement, high-speed railway has almost strict technical standard. The settlement of high railway foundation cannot exceed 15mm, equivalent to the construction of civil engineering in accordance with the precision of mechanical engineering.

Roadbed is the foundation of high-speed railway line engineering and the basis of speed.In addition to the soft loess, construction of high speed rail in different areas, builders face different geological problems. Geological funnel, karst, and soft soil, like gruel, make it difficult to control subgrade settlement. In order to control the settlement, the construction of high speed railway adopts the method of replacing roadbed with bridge.

Allastless Rail


The "book" is a small stone laid under the railway sleeper. But this little rock has a big technical problem. The common railway is to lay a bed of gravel on the roadbed, and then lay the sleeper and rail.The gravel bed can increase the bearing capacity of the sleeper and improve the elasticity of the rail.

But this kind of rail is not fit for high-speed trains. If the rail structure of high speed railway adopts the rail of the rail, it is not only difficult to guarantee the high speed and stability of the train, but also causes the severe pulverization and frequent circuit maintenance.In the 1990s, China began to systematically study and introduce the non-rail technology and gradually apply it to the construction of high-speed railway.

Seamless Rail


The production of high-speed rail rail has realized localization in China. But it is a challenge for steel companies to create such a mature, sophisticated rail, whether it be equipment or craft.

There is a seam between the rail and the rail in the common railway. This is to prevent the thermal expansion of the rail. But the high-speed railway is a seamless one. However, the steel rail will be heated in hot weather, without the slit that can stretch, the rail will distort the deformation. Therefore, after the welding of the rail, the stress release and the locking of the fastener are performed, which is the last critical step in the construction of the seamless line.


From Bridges to tunnels, frantic jumble rail to seamless steel, engineering and construction personnel with a series of technical innovations, not only make a realization of high-speed train running routes, and shows the Chinese in various geological conditions, the strength of the construction of high-speed railway.