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The Railway Fastener Has Certain Gauge And Horizontal Adjustment

Oct 18, 2017

In the case of high-speed railway fastener, it is also important to complete the management and the right in time. The standard should be adjusted strictly and the government will always be strictly controlled. High-speed railway fastener series 18 railway industry technical standards, in which the creation of China high-speed railway is a more important place, which is gradually developed by China's railway technology design.

The chemical composition of the screw is very important, so in most cases the chemical composition is the acceptance index. Chemical composition also determines the mechanical properties and defects of screws. Grey iron fasteners, for example, in the rest of the magnesium content less than 0.03%, is affected for castings, the chemical composition of adverse fastener knot ball is very important, therefore, in most cases, the chemical composition is acceptance. Chemical composition also determines the mechanical properties and defects of screws. For example, the remaining magnesium content in the grey iron fastener is less than 0.03%, and the gray-iron castings are affected and can detect the defects of nodules. The chemical composition varies with time and furnace, and the results of the sampling test are the furnace analysis, and the results vary with the method of analysis. Nonferrous metal alloy screws and high alloy steel fasteners, special fasteners and high temperature alloy fasteners special properties, the chemical composition of casting alloys is usually one of the technical conditions for approving screws.

The rail fastener is part of the orbit, which is used to connect the guide rail and the sleeper (or other type of guide rail), also known as the intermediate clutch component.Its function is to keep track of the sleepers, to maintain norms, and to prevent the longitudinal direction of the sleeping chamber.

The new railway fastener shall have the following characteristics:

1. Has certain gauge and horizontal adjustment performance

The rail transport adopts the whole bed structure, the diameter of the wire is small, the rail is worn.This requires that the fastener should have a certain track and horizontal adjustment performance to resolve the wear of the curved rail and the limitation of the track and rail of uneven structure and construction defects.

2. Good buffer elasticity

Subway and other urban rail transit through residential areas to reduce vibration and noise reduction is very high, the purpose of the rail screw must has a good attenuation performance and attenuation of vibration on the tracks, reduce noise transmission.

3. There is a general interchangeability

The fastener structure should be simple and small, with good versatility, low cost and convenient construction and maintenance.

4. Sufficient strength and durability

The rail transit time is long, the traffic density is high, the maintenance mode is poor, and the steel rail fastener is required to have the necessary strength and durability to ensure the safety of driving.

5. Good insulation performance

After walking track rail systems, commonly used rail transit requires latch locks with good insulation performance, prevent leakage currents via fasteners, lead to the steel structure and municipal electric corrosion of pipelines.