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Three Main Reasons For Bolt Fracture Of High-speed Rail, Heavy Rail, Subway And Light Rail

Jan 29, 2018

With the rapid development of China's high-speed rail, heavy rail, subway and light rail, it has provided a large number of fasteners for different regions and countries.The fastener industry, as the basic industry of industrial production, supports the prosperity of China and the world economy. High-speed rail fastener bolt fastener bolt, heavy rail, rail fastener fastener bolt, the rail fastener fastener bolt, light rail, rail fastener fastener bolt are used to connect to an important part of a rail track, if tight appear problem, it will affect the normal operation of the railway system, so the quality of the fastener is essential to the railway track.

High-speed rail, heavy rail, subway, light rail and railway maintenance personnel in the process of work, will find that sometimes fastener bolt fracture occur, ordinary people do not know the cause why would be like this. The following SINCHOLD explains the common causes of fasteners such as high strength, high-speed rail, heavy rail, subway and light rail bolts.

1. The staff is not professional.When assembling, the torsion torque is too large, the force is not even. Many people think that bolt as tight as possible, but if the torsion, exceeded the bolt material yield limit, the connecting rod bolt appears to yield deformation, in under the action of impact load due to excessive elongation rupture. High speed rail, heavy rail, subway, light rail fasteners fasteners fasteners installation personnel, must press the standard to tighten the connecting rod bolt, must not think the tighter, the stronger the better.

2. Work fatigue or impact fracture. High-speed rail, heavy rail, subway, light rail, rail fastener fastener bolt in daily work by high-speed trains of various vibration, impact, with the passage of time, will reach the fatigue life of the final fracture. In work, threaded fasteners with axial force, threads are damaged and bolts are broken. Fasteners subjected to radial force, bolts are cut and bolt holes become ellipse. These are common fractures.

3. The material problem of the track fastener, or the problem of processing defects and heat treatment process, will lead to the fracture of high-speed rail, heavy rail, subway and light rail fasteners. To avoid such problems, it is best to cooperate with the quality service railway accessories company to reduce the defective rate or to carefully check before use.