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Use The Attention Of The Crane

Mar 06, 2017

(1) Each crane must be marked with a nominal weight plate in a noticeable place.

(2) work, the bridge is not allowed to people or with a hook to transport people.

(3) no operation permit and drink are not allowed to drive the crane.

(4) the operation must be concentrated, not allowed to talk, smoke or do things unrelated.

(5) the car to be clean and clean; not allowed to disassemble equipment, tools, flammable materials, explosive products and dangerous goods.

(6) Cranes are not allowed to use overload.

(7) the following circumstances are not allowed to lift: tied not strong; mechanical overload; signal unknown; cable-stayed; buried or frozen in the ground of the object; was hanging objects on the people; no security measures flammable, And dangerous goods; over the liquid items; wire rope does not meet the requirements of safe use; lifting mechanism is faulty.

(8) When the crane is running on a line without obstructions, the hook or spreader and the bottom of the hanging material must be 2m above the ground. If you cross the obstacle, you must exceed the obstacle 0.5m high.

(9) on the lifting of less than 50% of the rated weight of the object, allowing the two agencies at the same time; hanging more than 50% of the rated weight of the object, you can only one action.

(10) with the main, vice hook of the bridge crane, do not simultaneously rise or fall the main and vice hook (special exception).

(11) Do not apply welding or hammering on the suspended object and working under the object (with support).