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Various High-amount Alloy Elements And Special Properties Of The Rail Clip

Nov 03, 2017

Rail clip is used to press a beam or a concrete beam or an attachment to the ground. Generally use hexagon bolts or integral bolts to support fastening. Rail clip is also called (drive press, crane board, rail plate, lift rail plate).

Rail clip can be divided into: GDGL plate and 514 double orifice plate (strip bar). DGL templates are also known as hole casting plates (concrete beams and concrete furnace plates). GDGL board model can be divided into GDGL-1 (38kg rail) -GDGL-7 (120kg rail). The DGL board model can be divided into 6-1 (24kg rail) -6 a-7 (120kg rail).

Rail clip material is: Q235B. Each GDGL board includes: 1 piece double orifice plate, 1 piece pad, 2 wedge plate and 2 sets of bolts. DGL plate material is: nodular cast iron and cast steel. The supporting products are: pressure plate, tongue, special pad, compound rubber plate, hexagon bolt.

The material of the rail clip is mainly cast steel (cast steel) casting steel is the general term for iron base alloy which is used to make the castings without eutectic transformation during solidification process. A form of casting aluminum alloy. Cast steel is divided into casting carbon steel, alloy steel and cast steel.

In order to meet the special needs of the rail clip, a wide range, which usually contains one or more high alloy elements to achieve special performance. Containing 11% ~ 14% of manganese, for example, can impact wear, high manganese steel is mainly used in mechanical mining, engineering, machine parts, durable, chromium or nickel chromium as the main elements of alloy, with a wide range of stainless steel, corrosion or high temperature above 650 ℃ condition of parts, such as chemical, pump, valve shell, such as containers or large capacity power plant steam turbine casing.