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Welded Long Rail

May 24, 2018

Welding long rail (continuous welded rail CWR) refers to the use rail end joint bolt holes, no hardening of 25 m standard solder into a certain length of long rail. Usually in welded rail factory using resistance welding, pressure welding welding methods, such as first in 125-500 - m long rail welding, after full-length quenching heat treatment, with dedicated rail train bound for track-laying scene, reoccupy aluminum hot flat or small pressure welder welding connect design length.

Welding method

There are four kinds of welding methods: arc welding, contact welding, air pressure welding and aluminum hot welding. The aluminum thermal welding method has been regarded as an ideal fast welding method with high efficiency, which is the only effective welding method for seamless connection welding head in China.

Application of aluminum thermal welding technology.

In view of many factors that are not conducive to normal production, orbital welding company successfully applied the technology of seamless track welding to the transformation of coke car. And the orbital foundation is professionally handled, and the track is in good condition.

Its practices:

The track joints are welded by aluminum hot welding;

The basic processing of the orbit is carried out during normal maintenance, which does not affect normal production.

All the beds in the road are laid down, and the drainage ditch, the track foundation and the drainage of the road surface can be kept dry without water, which greatly reduces the corrosion of the ballast bed.

The whole line is straightened and straightened.

The social and economic benefits of aluminum thermal welding orbit.

(1) Make the coke oven running smoothly and safely.

(2) Extend the service life of vehicles and rails and reduce maintenance costs.

(3) The practice has shown that exercise on seamless rail vehicle running speed can be increased by 20% ~ 40%, the traffic is busy, the distance of big factories, can improve the productivity, the economic benefit is obvious.

(4) Eliminate the vibration noise of the joints and improve the working environment. The vehicle drivers running on the seamless track are generally reflected, and the operation is smooth and comfortable.After the test, the indoor noise of the driver decreased by 10dB and the outdoor noise decreased by 35dB.