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What Are The Advantages Of Anchor Bolt Anchorage Length Lengthened?

Apr 17, 2017

The anchor bolt in the axial tensile stress distribution is uneven, into nabla type distribution, and the upper part of the axial tensile stress is the largest, lower the axial tensile stress of 0. Stress decreases with the increase of the anchoring depth, and finally reach 25 ~ 30 times the diameter of the reduced to 0. So the anchorage length is no use to add. As long as the anchoring length to meet the above requirements, and the end is equipped with a hook or anchor plate and concrete foundation is generally will not be bad.

Note: anchor bolt is steel structure factory building steel columns such as anchoring the common basis of artifacts. Also known as: the anchor bolt, anchor bolt, anchor bolt, anchor wire, etc. For buried in concrete foundation, make all kinds of steel columns, machinery and equipment of the base.