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What Are The Advantages Of Length Extension Of Anchor Bolts?

Nov 20, 2017

The axial tensile stress distribution in anchor bolts is not uniform, which is the distribution of the inverted triangle, the upper axial tensile stress is the largest, and the lower axial tensile stress is 0. As the anchoring depth increases, the stress decreases gradually, and then decreases to 0 when it reaches 25 ~ 30 times diameter. Therefore, it is not useful to increase the anchor length. As long as the anchorage length meets the above requirements, and the end has a curved hook or anchor plate, the base concrete is generally not pulled.

Note: the anchor bolt is a common basic component for anchoring of steel columns. Also known as: anchor bolts, foot bolts, foot screws, feet, etc. Buried in the concrete foundation, fixed various steel structure support column, machine equipment base use.