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What Are The Classification Of Cranes?

Mar 06, 2017

1, car cranes. The crane installed in the general or special car chassis on the low performance equivalent to the same vehicle weight of the truck, in line with the technical requirements of road vehicles, which can be unimpeded on all types of roads. This crane is generally equipped with two control room, the operation must be out of the leg to maintain stability. From a large range of weight, from 8 tons to 1000 tons, the number of axles from the chassis, from 2 to 10 root. Is the largest and most widely used crane type.

2, tire crane. Lifting part mounted on a special pneumatic tire chassis crane. On and off together with an engine, driving speed is generally not more than 30KM / H, the width of the vehicle is also wide, it is not advisable to travel long distances on the road. It is a function that does not have the function of hoisting and hoisting, and it is suitable for the hoisting of places such as freight yard, dock, site and so on.