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With Anti-theft Fastener Market Demand For Infrastructure Fastening Will Increasingly Apparent

Apr 21, 2017

Railway, road Bridges, transmission tower, microwave communication tower and other infrastructure used in bolt and nut fasteners, because its can be easily removed, therefore, are often become the object of outlaws for theft or damage, to cause the infrastructure is highly safe hidden danger or serious damage.To solve the existing technology, the project products provide a kind of simple structure, low cost, convenient operation, good anti-theft effect and practical proof remove anti-theft nut.

Remove anti-theft nut application potential in the market, in transportation, communications, environmental protection, industrial facilities demand will rise year by year.In the current expansion of domestic demand, sustaining economic growth, adjust the revitalization of major industrial policy environment, in people's living standards continue to improve, under the background of social and economic development, the demand from various fields at home and abroad will bring the remove anti-theft fastener industry to expand the market opportunity.

The project product by the guangdong power grid company electric power research institute, CSR zhuzhou electric locomotive co., LTD., hengshui treasure force railway electrification equipment co., LTD., to use, to the quality, performance, appearance, price, etc., to meet its requirements.Through the market investigation and analysis, remove anti-theft nut in the next five years, domestic and international market demand for 350000 tons/year, and 20% by increments.The research and development of product of this project not only solved the previous state of imports, after the mass production can be gradually expand exports.Industrial economy of our country has entered a new growth platform, and provide fasteners market with huge development space, with the rapid development of career of our country traffic, communication, infrastructure construction and new technology revolution fasteners industrial development has also formed the support, and remove the anti-theft fastener market demand has been increasingly revealed.