High Precision Seamless Steel Rail Aluminothermic Welding Services

High Precision Seamless Steel Rail Aluminothermic Welding Services
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Product Details

High Precision Seamless Steel Rail Aluminothermic Welding Services 

Product Introduction 

SINCHOLD rail aluminothermic welding is the welding method as a heat source in a chemical reaction, to improve the comfort. SINCHOLD rail aluminothermic welding the welding principle is through the configuration of thermit after a light reaction inside the crucible to form high temperature aluminum hot molten steel into welding sand mold and stay within the cavity of the rail, high temperature molten steel casting in rail welding, melting parts to be welded rail end face. After cooling solidification to be welded rail connected into a whole.

Product Feature and Application 

Using aluminothermic welding to Seamless connection in China is along with the development of railway high speed up.This new technology is quickly used on crane rail of many factories ,mines, coking industries,goods yards, ports and wharves. Application of aluminothermic welding technology in building, expanding or rebuilding or the whole seamless welding loader walking tracks, in order to satisfy the requirement of the mechanical smooth, safe driving, reduce the impact of rail and  foundation when locomotive is driving , overcome the temperature influence on the rail , reduces the equipment, rail, basic maintenance cycle and cost, lengthen the service life and greatly improve the efficiency and handling capacity of the equipment.

Production Details


rail correction


rail head cleaning


install card sand mold


sealing sand seal


heater preheating flame adjustment


welding head preheating


preheating assembly drawing and crucible


place the crucible and light flux


flux combustion reaction


steel casting


de-tumor after welding


condition after de-tumor


grinding molding


condition after grinding


oxygen and flow meter


propane gas cylinders and pressure reducer

Product Qualification

Our company produces the aluminum heat flux series of products can meet various types of domestic and imported the need of rail aluminothermic welding, and to provide users with various types needed by rail welding technology, welding operation personnel training free of charge. The company undertake a variety of rail welding construction team technical strength is abundant, rail aluminothermic welding engineering construction. The company is willing to work with the user sincere cooperation, mutual benefit and seek common development.

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