High Quality Railway Buffer Rubber Pad

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Product Details

High Quality Railway Buffer Rubber Pad

Product Introduction

SINCHOLD rubber pad is an important part in track structure, installation between steel and concrete sleeper, its main function is generated when the buffer by rail vehicle high speed vibration and impact, protect the roadbed and the sleeper, and signal system for electrical insulating.SINCHOLD rubber pad due to long-term bare in the atmosphere, thus requiring good natural aging resistant and cold resistant, heat resistant properties.The subway with a SINCHOLD rubber pad has good shock absorption properties, such as low noise.

Product Feature and Application 

1.Shock resistance, aging resistance, wear resistance, stability, high and low temperature resistance is stronger, the products are natural rubber, butylbenzene rubber, neoprene, HDPE, EVA, HDPE and other high elastic products combinations.Products with high elasticity and at various temperatures is not easy to deformation or fracture.

2.Use cycle is long, repair and replacement cost is low.

3.Model is full, apply to 43 kg, 50 kg, 60 kg and all kinds of steel and wooden sleeper, concrete sleeper etc. With the strong, vibration resistance, insulation performance is good, wear resistance, less of compression deformation, aging resistance, no mud, long service life, easy installation. Using the railway SINCHOLD rubber pad can greatly improve the transport capacity of motor vehicles, reduce maintenance times, to avoid traffic accidents caused by motor vehicle flame out.

4.No matter from the aspects of safety economy, environmental protection, such as social benefits is worthy of popularization and application (cement crossing board easily damaged railway board noise). SINCHOLD rubber pad is the original floor covering service life as high as more than three times, the experiment has proved that stress can reach more than 80 tons of stable free deformation. SINCHOLD rubber pad with rubber as main raw materials, scientific formula, using high-tech production technology, carefully developed. SINCHOLD rubber pad can meet the demands of railway speed and environmental protection, and use it to improve the transport ability of locomotive. SINCHOLD rubber pad production promotion, completely changed the adopted by the railway crossing, long-term such as asphalt, stone, steel plates and other old laid, changed every crossing uneven, the backwardness of the frequent accidents, and maintenance.After more than domestic laid, the fact that beautiful and fast installation of environmental protection, practical, strong solid security is increasingly protruding.Pressure, wear-resisting, easy to install, contact with the road surface is firm, vehicles with no impact and noise, good safety uses rubber special and professional design institute of the ministry of railways jointly developed by high and new technology, advanced technology and detection means, product quality achieved the domestic leading level.

Production Details


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Deliver,Shipping and Service

Packaging Details:woven bags or cartons or wooden case

Delivery Detail: according to your requirements,accept L/C or T/T payment

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